Art and Illustration - Fergal o' connor

22, Dublin, Ireland, available for commission, contact here or -

' The Lost Way ' 

A4, fineliners on watercolour paper.

Prints maybe? hoping to get some going for this and some recent pieces too.

'The Crossing', A4, fineliners on watercolour paper. :v



'The Raven King' , The Raven King, stands watch over his treasure, against those who would take it for their own.

Recent work.

Sketchbook stuff :v

Fallen, A4, fineliner drawing commission.

Original drawings for sale!.

Selling off some of my older work that I still have. Nothing over €50 so pretty reasonable, can be shipped anywhere!, 

Contact me here or on the facebook page if interested in a piece :v 

Raccoon thief commission :v